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ASM Handbook Volume 23 : Materials for Medical Devices

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Title: ASM Handbook Volume 23 : Materials for Medical Devices
Author: Roger Narayan
ISBN: 1615038272 / 9781615038275
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 500
Publisher: ASM International
Year: 2012
Availability: In Stock
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This volume considers the most common materials used in medical devices. State-of-the-art reference information is given for implant materials including stainless steels, cobalt-base alloys, titanium, shape memory alloys, noble metals, ceramics, and polymers.

Examples of materials- and mechanical-based failures of medical devices provide lessons learned in the failure analysis section. Biotribology and implant wear are covered extensively, including clinical wear and biological aspects of implant wear. A detailed look at corrosion includes its effects, corrosion products, mechanically assisted corrosion and corrosion fatigue. Biocompatibility is also discussed at length including biocompatibility of ceramics and polymers.

Engineers with little exposure to medical and biomedical engineering will find this book particularly useful. It will help engineers and designers at all levels understand how materials react inside the body.


Chapter 1 : Introduction
Chapter 2 : Corrosion and Biocompatibility
Chapter 3 : Biotribology and Implant Wear
Chapter 4 : Medical Implant Materials
Chapter 5 : Implant Evaluation
Chapter 6 : Reference Information


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