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IS SP 34 : Handbook on Concrete Reinforcement and Detailing (With Amendment 1)

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Title: IS SP 34 : Handbook on Concrete Reinforcement and Detailing (With Amendment 1)
Author: BIS
ISBN: 8170610060 / 9788170610069
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 277
Publisher: BIS
Year: 1987
Availability: In Stock
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Users of various civil engineering codes have been feeling the need for explanatory handbooks and other compilations based on Indian Standards, The need has been further emphasized in view of the publication, of the National Building Code of India in 1970 and its implementation. The Expert Group set up in 1972 by the Department of Science and Technology, Government of India carried out in-depth studies in various areas of civil engineering and construction practices. During the preparation of the Fifth Five-Year Plan in 1975, the Group was assigned the task of producing a Science and Technology plan for research, development and extension work in the sector of housing and construction technology. One of the items of this plan was the production of design handbooks, explanatory handbooks and design aids based on the National Building Code and various Indian Standards and other activities in the promotion of the National Building Code. The Expert Group gave high priority to this item and on the recommendation of the Department of Science and Technology, the Planning Commission approved This two projects which were assigned to the Bureau of Indian Standards:

a) Development programme on code implementation for building and civil engineering construction, and

b) Typification for industrial buildings.

Section 1 : Steel for Reinforcement
Section 2 : Detailing Functions
Section 3 : Structural Drawing for Detailing
Section 4 : General Detailing Requirements
Section 5 : Bar Bending Schedule (Including Do's and Dont's In Detailing)
Section 6 : Foundations
Section 7 : Columns
Section 8 : Beams
Section 9 : Floor Slabs
Section 10 : Stairs
Section 11 : Special Structures-Deep Beams, Walls, Shells and Folded Plates, Water Tanks, RC Hinges, Concrete Pipes, Machine Foundations, and Shear Walls
Section 12 : Ductility Requirements Of Earthquake Resistant Building
Section 13 : Transport, Storage, Fabrication, Assembly and Placing Of Steel Reinforcement
Section 14 : Typical Structural Drawings

Appendix A : Welding
Appendix B : ISO 4066-1977 Building and Civil Engineering Drawing-Bar Scheduling
Appendix C : Dimensions and Properties Of Hard-Drawn Steel Wire Fabric and Other Bars

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